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    "I heard you speak in Pennsylvania and was completely blown away! If I had known that it was going to be that good, I’d have invited all my
    friends and a bunch of my family members. Keep me on your mailing list so I don’t miss you when you come around next year. Your words changed my life!"

    "Skeet Savage pulls no punches. I laughed. I cried. I found myself
    literally ducking my head every time those arrows of truth hit their mark. I left the meeting knowing I would never be the same -- at least that’s my prayer."

    "After tonight, no one can ever tell me that God does not speak to people today -- I heard His voice speaking through Skeet Savage."

    "Please come back to speak here again. No one has ever made the Bible so clear to me as you do."

    "Tonight I got to hear Skeet Savage speak for the first time. All I can say is, “WOW!” Hearing this woman speak is like listening to John the Baptist or the Apostle Paul -- or an angel from Heaven. You get the feeling that she just came from the very presence of God to speak to us on His behalf. All I can say is, if you ever get a chance to hear her speak, don’t miss it! You should read her books, too."

    • Skeet ministers at churches and ladies event, prisons, homeschool conferences and anywhere she is called to go.
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    About The Overcomer's Seminar

    The Overcomer’s Seminar is a series of teachings that powerfully and systematically address what the Bible has to say about vital life issues that affect all of us today. The challenging and inspiring messages brought forth through the Overcomer’s Seminar make application of Jesus’ teachings and example in overcoming the world, the flesh and the devil. Anger, bitterness, jealousy, covetousness, depression, anxiety, fear, doubt/unbelief and relational disappointments are left behind and replaced with genuine transformation that brings love, forgiveness, contentment, faith, healing, joy and peace—and so much more!

    These life-changing messages can be presented in a series of meetings, or selected topically as a single address. The Overcomer’s Seminar can be conducted as a one-time special meeting or message at your event, or established as a planned, recurring time of spiritual renewal
    scheduled on an annual basis. Meetings may be scheduled for a single morning, afternoon or evening (1-2 messages), an afternoon
    tea/gathering or all-day event (2-4 messages), a weekend spiritual retreat (3-5) or a week of revival meetings (one message each night).

    Jesus clearly indicated that He came to set the captives free -- and the truths presented through the Overcomer's Seminar teaching have
    accomplished that miracle of deliverance and brought salvation to thousands all across America!

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    • Churches * Seminars * Conferences * Conventions * Family Camps * Retreats * Banquets * Ladies Luncheons/Teas * Prayer Breakfasts * Revival Meetings * Evangelistic Meetings * Conferences * Prisons * Overcomers Recovery Support Groups
      (including Domestic Violence, Addictions and more)

    +Homeschooling Conferences

    Author, publisher, seasoned conference and seminar speaker, and 30-year veteran homeschooler Skeet Savage brings her years of hands-on experience and wisdom to bear in these powerful and inspiring messages for today’s homeschooling families.

    Homeschooling for Eternity (Keynote)
    Real Success in Homeschooling (Keynote)
    Possessing and Instilling Godly Character (Keynote)
    Homeschooling: How You Can and Why You Must! (Keynote)
    Learning to Let Go -- Aiming AND RELEASING our Arrows (Keynote)
    Salt and Light: Homeschool Evangelism
    Training our Daughters and Sons for Marriage in the Lord
    Single-Parent Homeschooling
    ... and more!


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