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    Skeet Savage ministers across the nation at churches, prisons, homegroups, and at ladies events and homeschooling conferences.


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    • Skeet Savage is the Founder of Wisdom’s Gate Ministries, Editor of Home School Digest, An Encouraging Word, and Brush Arbor Revival Quarterly magazines. She is the author of numerous books including, Choose Wisdom, Homeschooling for Eternity, and Letters to Grandma (volumes 1 & 2), and is a powerful inspirational / motivational speaker. Skeet makes occasional guest appearances with various internet media, radio, newspaper, TV and magazines including a feature in TIME magazine. A fervent prayer warrior with the burden of a prophet and the heart of an evangelist, she is a trusted mentor and dedicated discipler of people around the world. Skeet is the mother of six grown children--and is now a grandmother many times over! Above all, Skeet Savage is simply: The Lord’s Servant.
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